Jansen van Praag



“We believe
every brand
its own

Jansen van Praag is an amalgamation of two creative masterminds: Léony Jansen and Leah van Praag.
Together, they represent over 50 years of experience in advertising, concept, illustration, and graphic design.
Nine years ago, they joined forces and Jansen van Praag was born.
Driven by a tremendous passion for the craft and supported by
 a large network of creative specialists in off and online
 projects, Jansen van Praag takes care of your project. 
From creative concept to final product.

“We love beautiful
brands with
a solid story”

We already say hello!

You might not expect it from a set of creatives,
but we are extremely structured.
We work with 3 golden rules before we
let our minds run free!

We want to get
to know you. Personally.

We ask questions! We need answers before we start working on concepts that perfectly fit your brand vision.

We push our creative minds and come up with powerful concepts. All waiting to evolve into inspiring off and
online output to hit your brands goals.

How do you want the world to see your brand?
Let’s start at the very beginning.
What drives you and your brand?
Which ideas set fire to your dreams?
Your passion triggers us into creating equally
passionate concepts, in translating your dreams
into a brand visualization.
Your identity should stand out.
Be felt, Seen and understood by everyone.
Your brand can ignite and become universal
with our help and expertise.
So tell us,
What's your story?



Corporate identity
Brand identity_
A new stage for known
and unknown talents in hair,
beauty and the inspiring
world around it.



the.talents magazine and podcasts starts in 2021 and is about talents who are willing to share their skills, passion, and talent! the.talents focuses on valuable information and inspiration that you can rely on when taking your next steps. the.talents lets talents speak for themselves in the field of hair, beauty, fashion, photography, products. But also pays attention to sustainability, hospitality, interior design, identity, marketing, business, and health. the.talents is therefore interesting for everyone who experiences the industry and is interested in hair, beauty, and the inspiring world around it!

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